Friday, February 23, 2018

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Three Items of Essential Reading

Highly Recommended Reading on Writing

Powerful Poster Presentations

This entry was written by Sabine Göke, head of the radar group at the University of Helsinki in Finland. She was awarded the Spiros G. Geotis Prize for her first poster presentation at the 28th American Meteorological Society Conference on Radar Meteorology, Austin, Texas, USA.

“Here before you is the complete guide to writing a good scientific paper, from the creation of an outline right through to the formalities of submission, review, and proofing. Just as important, Schultz provides invaluable guidance to the preparation and delivery of a scientific talk or poster, including techniques for soliciting and fielding questions and fostering lively discussion….So read on, and prepare to absorb what may prove the most valuable advice you will receive as a scientist.”

– Prof. Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (from the Foreword)

“I am both excited and motivated to become a better writer”

“I attended your writing workshop at the AMS student conference in Phoenix, and would like to thank you for your insights and advice. This represents the first time that I am both excited and motivated to become a better writer.”

— Scott D. Rudlosky, Doctoral Candidate, Dept. of Meteorology, Florida State University