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Thermodynamic diagrams for free

May 29, 2011 Filed under Blog, Featured, Popular, Potpourri, Resources 

Upon packing up my house in Oklahoma, I discovered a small stash of Skew T–logp thermodynamic diagrams that I had saved when Charlie Crisp cleaned out his office at NSSL. (I also have a huge stash of blank U.S. surface maps, in case anyone is interested in them.)

Geraint Vaughan at Manchester had been lamenting that he had a hard time finding blank thermodynamic diagrams. Here are some good sources that I found online.

From Grant Petty (University of Wisconsin) [high-quality PDF]:
From Wikipedia:

If you prefer a tephigram, try Maarten Ambaum’s site (University of Reading) or the Wikipedia page.

Or, if you absolutely have to have a Stüve diagram, here’s one at Wikipedia.

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