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NEW: Eloquent Science eBOOK!

For those who want a digital copy of Eloquent Science, the book is now available through Springer for immediate PDF download (no copy protection, watermarked). The price (as of 26 February 2013) is £22.99 / $39.95 / €29.74.

If you are at an educational institution, your library may have purchased the rights to the whole book or it may be available to you chapter by chapter through Springerlink. The front matter and the back matter are available as free downloads.

Eloquent Science: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Better Writer, Speaker, & Atmospheric Scientist was conceived from a two-day workshop that I taught for six years to undergraduate students at a summer research experience. The volume is divided into three parts: writing, reviewing, and speaking, and offers tips on poster presentations, media communication, and advice for non-native speakers of English, as well as appendices on proper punctuation usage and meteorological concepts. Sidebars written by experts in the field offer diverse viewpoints on reference topics important to the reader, and a recommended reading section at the end of the book guides the reader to the best additional resources. Although the book is aimed at students and early career scientists, even senior scientists will find useful nuggets inside.

Paperback: 440 pages
Publisher: American Meteorological Society (November 23, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1878220918
ISBN-13: 978-1878220912


If you are a bookseller, wholesaler, or are looking for bulk discounts, please contact the University of Chicago Press:  (800) 621-2736 (US & CAN) • (773) 702-7000 •  The University of Chicago Press will offer you standard book industry terms (retail discounts, returns, invoices, etc.).

If you are an individual customer ordering one or a small number of books, please purchase your book from the American Meteorological Society.  Member prices from the AMS are the least expensive option ($30).

Purchases from Amazon may be convenient, but because of the discounts off list price, the author and publisher receive less money.


Foreword by Professor Kerry Emanuel, MIT
How to Use this Book
Introduction: An Incoherent Truth

I.  Writing and Publishing Scientific Research Papers

1. The Process of Publishing Scientific Papers
2. Should You Publish Your Paper?  Questions to Ask Before You Begin Writing
3. Writing an Effective Title
4. The Structure of a Scientific Paper
5. The Motivation to Write
6. Brainstorm, Outline, and First Draft
7. Accessible Scientific Writing
8. Constructing Effective Paragraphs
9. Constructing Effective Sentences
10. Using Effective Words and Phrases
11. Figures, Tables, and Equations
12. Citations and References
13. Editing and Finishing Up
14. Authorship and its Responsibilities
15. Scientific Ethics and Misconduct
16. Guidance for English as a Second Language Authors and their Coauthors
17. Page Proofs, Publication, and Life Thereafter
18. Methods and Approaches to Writing for the Atmospheric Sciences

II.  Participating in Peer Review

19. Editors and Peer Review
20. Writing a Review
21. Responding to Reviews

III.  Preparing and Delivering Scientific Presentations

22. How Scientific Meetings Work
23. The Abstract and Extended Abstract
24. Accessible Oral Presentations
25. Constructing Effective Oral Presentations
26. Delivering Compelling Oral Presentations
27. Potent Poster Presentations
28. Challenges to Delivering Your Presentation

IV.  Communicating Throughout Your Career

29. Communication in the Workplace
30. Communication with the Public and Media
31. Furthering Your Journey

V.  Appendices

A. Commas, Hyphens, and Dashes
B. Commonly Misused Scientific Words and Expressions

For Further Reading