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Most scientific paper retractions due to misconduct

December 23, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Publishing  

Raw Story reports that “When a biomedical study is retracted, most of the time it is because of misconduct rather than error, a report published Monday said. Two-thirds of all retractions around the world stem from acts like fraud, suspected fraud or plagiarism, it added.” The relevant paper is the Fang et al. (2012). Fang, […]

How to Prepare a Really Lousy Submission: Water Resources Research Editorial Team

December 18, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Humor, Publishing, Resources, Reviewing, Writing  

Sent to me from colleagues at the University of Utah. [PDF]

How NOT to review a paper. The tools and techniques of the adversarial reviewer

December 18, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Humor, Resources, Reviewing  

A paper by Graham Cormode (2009) [PDF], sent to me by Rene Garreaud. The abstract gives you a flavor of how this paper reads…. There are several useful guides available for how to review a paper in Computer Science. These are soberly presented, carefully reasoned and sensibly argued. As a result, they are not much […]

“Utilize” versus “Use”

December 18, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Uncategorized, Writing  

From The Telegraph (sent to me by Jamie Gilmour): When the American writer David Foster Wallace died four years ago, he left behind the following fragments: notes towards a dictionary all of his own. Utilize A noxious puff-word. Since it does nothing that good old use doesn’t do, its extra letters and syllables don’t make […]

Wanted: Copyeditor. Inquire with God.

December 9, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Humor  


Have you heard the one about PowerPoint?

September 26, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Humor, Presentations  

A word about PowerPoint. PowerPoint was released by Microsoft in 1990 as a way to euthanize cattle using a method less cruel than hitting them over the head with iron mallets. After PETA successfully argued in court that PowerPoint actually was more cruel than iron mallets, the program was adopted by corporations for slide show […]

Thoughts about Clarke’s “Ethics of Science Communication on the Web”

September 22, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Publishing, Uncategorized  

My friend Jim reminded me about an article “Ethics of Science Communication on the Web” by Maxine Clarke of the Nature Publishing Group in Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics. I might have seen this paper before, but Jim’s reminder and me taking a look at it again strikes me as a little ironic. Don’t […]

Coming soon: eBook of Eloquent Science!

September 22, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, News  

The American Meteorological Society is close to offering eBooks of some of its titles. This means that Eloquent Science will soon be offered in electronic format. Watch this space!

Blog Break

August 3, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured  

I’ll be away until the end of August on a well-deserved and well-needed break. (Image from

Automation of literature reviews

August 2, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, Writing  

A recently published paper in Scientometrics raises the specter of an automated tool that would search through existing citations and “facilitate novices to perform tasks that are usually carried out by trained professionals.” The tool was then used for students to create literature reviews and these were submitted to conferences. The tool was so successful, […]

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