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Recent Tweets Love Eloquent Science!

February 27, 2014   Filed under Blog, Featured, News, Reviews  

A tribute to the teacher without whom Eloquent Science would not have been written

February 7, 2014   Filed under Blog, Featured, News, Potpourri  

Yesterday I found out that Professor Dan Keyser of the State University of New York at Albany won the 2014 Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award, given by the American Meteorological Society. The citation stipulates: “For meticulous and inspiring lectures, for a demanding yet compassionate demeanor, for his individualized mentoring and unwavering commitment to his […]

Interview with Scientia Crastina

November 11, 2013   Filed under Blog, Featured, News, Potpourri  

I did this great interview with Olle Bergman who runs the web page Scientia Crastina, which bills itself as “communication skills for the scientists of tomorrow”. Thanks, Olle! Readers, I hope you enjoy the interview. I had fun answering the questions that Olle posed for me!

New: Eloquent Science Twitter now active

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Stop by and see what is going on at

Market your science on YouTube

May 1, 2013   Filed under Blog, Featured, News  

This past Christmas break I read Explaining Research by Dennis Meredith. As his bio states, “Dennis Meredith’s career as a science communicator has included service at some of the country’s leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the University of Wisconsin. He has worked with science journalists at all the nation’s major newspapers, […]

Eloquent Science eBook and PDF chapters

February 26, 2013   Filed under Blog, Excerpts, Featured, News  

For those who want a digital copy of Eloquent Science, the book is now available through Springer for immediate PDF download (no copy protection, watermarked). The price (as of 26 February 2013) is £22.99 / $39.95 / €29.74. If you are at an educational institution, your library may have purchased the rights to the whole […]

Coming soon: eBook of Eloquent Science!

September 22, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, News  

The American Meteorological Society is close to offering eBooks of some of its titles. This means that Eloquent Science will soon be offered in electronic format. Watch this space!

New Review of Eloquent Science in Elements

April 8, 2012   Filed under Blog, Featured, News  

Elements, an international magazine of mineralology, geochemistry, and petrology, with a circulation of over 15,000 scientists has just published a full-age review of Eloquent Science by Pierrette Tremblay, Managing Editor. Among the writing guides I have read (and there have been several), I would rate this book at the top. It would be well suited […]

Petterssen, Palmén and Newton, Carlson, and Lackmann

September 7, 2011   Filed under Blog, Featured, News, Resources, Uncategorized  

I am honored to have seen page proofs of Gary Lackmann’s new book Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology: Dynamics, Analysis, and Forecasting to be published later this year by the American Meteorological Society. For this book, Gary goes back to the original meaning of the word synoptic (“forming a summary or synopsis”). Twelve chapters summarize and synthesize […]

Eloquent Science 4-GB flashdrives

June 2, 2011   Filed under Blog, Featured, News, Potpourri, Resources  

I have these nifty Eloquent Science 4-GB flashdrives for sale. They cost £10/€15/$15 if you see me in person, or add £3/€5/$6 for postage. The drive comes preloaded with lots of great resources: • Excerpts and outtakes from Eloquent Science • 21 direct links to online resources • 61 articles specifically designed to help develop […]

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