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For those who love reading and writing books…

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore won the Oscar for Best Animated Short last night.


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One Response to “For those who love reading and writing books…”
  1. Hidupslow says:

    that, it’s horses for ruecsos, isn’t it. Yes, inhaling books is how we first experience them, and it does train your instincts, just as six year olds all learn to read partly by recognising whole words. But we all need conscious craft too, just as we need ways to break an unknown word down into phonics and reassemble it into sense.Which is why I think it goes read, read, read; write, write, write and only then is it wise to go out and find whatever feedback suits you. The more you’ve written, and written with some meta-awareness of your writerly process, the better you’ve got to know your writerly self, and the better you’ll judge feedback and find the right kind for you.

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