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Review in Weather

March 20, 2011 Filed under Blog, Featured, News 

In the March 2011 issue of Weather, Bob Prichard, Editor, wrote a nice review of Eloquent Science, calling it “highly commendable.” That review can be read here.

The issue with commas that Bob raised is referred to as the serial comma. The style of many American publishers is to use the serial comma, whereas the style of many British (and European) publishers is to omit it. Because Eloquent Science was published by the American Meteorological Society (which follows the Chicago Manual of Style), serial commas were included.

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One Response to “Review in Weather
  1. Matt Bunkers says:

    I am in favor of the serial comma because it reduces the chance of ambiguity. Since we are writing for the reader — and not for rules — it only makes sense to include it.

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