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Giving proper credit to Monin and Obukhov

January 17, 2011 Filed under Blog, Featured, Potpourri 

Often in the literature, you will hear about the Monin-Obukhov length (30,400 results in google today) and Monin-Obukhov similarity theory (9520 results in google today).

Monin-Obukhov similarity theory is the correct term.

But, the length L should only be referred to as the Obkhov Obukhov length, as correctly stated in the AMS Glossary and on Wikipedia.

(Image of Prof. Andrei Sergeevich Monin from P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

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2 Responses to “Giving proper credit to Monin and Obukhov”
  1. Tanya Otte says:

    Not to be too snarky or nitpicky, I think you mean that [i]L[/i] should be the “Obukhov” length rather than the “Obkhov” length. But I think you made your point either way.

  2. Prof. David M. Schultz says:

    Thank you, Tanya. Fixed.

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