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Announcing: Publiscize

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Calling All Scientists!

From Dr. Robert Seigel:

In my “spare” time, I have been working on an exciting project that can revolutionize our science communication. I am starting a new initiative called Publiscize ( and its purpose is to increase scientists’ research visibility, encourage cross-field collaboration, educate the public, and showcase university departments, schools, and organizations. Atmospheric and climate science research is an important component of Publiscize and I am writing to encourage you to participate in this new initiative.

The way Publiscize works is that scientists submit a Scinopsis (Scientific Synopsis), which is a short, abstract-length summary in layperson terms of your recent peer-reviewed publication. Then, your Scinopsis will be accessible as a news article to all Enthusiasts: teachers, students, scientists, friends, family, and anyone else interested in your valuable research.

The website is still under development, but I have already received some outstanding Scinopses from scientists. Please go to and sign up (as a Scientist) to Publiscize your valuable research.

Once your Scinopsis is Publiscized, we will post it to Facebook and Twitter so that your research receives extra attention.

Insightful discussions about science communication have occurred numerous times on Map in the past. This website allows us scientists to take control of our information dissemination.

You’ll also notice Publiscize will encompass “science” in the broadest sense. Please feel free to share this site and information with colleagues and friends in other areas of science.

Let’s share the latest knowledge!

order at

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