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Review in Progress in Physical Geography

October 27, 2010 Filed under Blog, News, Reviews 

I am wishing that more scientists would follow the advice given in David Schultz’s excellent new book.

The chapters are short – around ten pages each, on average – and self-contained. Therefore, readers
may dip into and out of particular chapters of interest, if they prefer not to read the whole book

One reason the book is such a delight to read is that it is peppered throughout with colourful and
entertaining quotes.

In summary, I highly recommend this book. The writing is clear (as you would expect for a book on
effective communication!) and the treatment is comprehensive. Few researchers in the atmospheric
sciences and intersecting disciplines would not benefit from the advice. I imagine that anyone who has
ever squinted their way through a long conference session would agree.

Dr Paul Williams
Royal Society Research Fellow
Department of Meteorology
University of Reading

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