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A great title (Bryan 2005)

March 20, 2010 Filed under Blog, Potpourri, Uncategorized, Writing 

I was recently reminded of this paper by my colleague George Bryan.

Bryan, G. H., 2005: Spurious convective organization in simulated squall lines owing to moist absolutely unstable layers. Mon. Wea. Rev., 133, 1978–1997.

I love this title. This title has all of Lipton’s five characteristics of an effective title.

Informative The title has all the information that someone looking for this paper in a search engine would need.

Accurate The title says precisely what is inside the paper.

Clear The title is written clearly.

Concise Any attempt to shorten the title would sacrifice the information content.

Attention commanding Using “spurious” as the first word gets the reader’s attention.

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