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The shortest title ever written

November 12, 2009 Filed under Blog, Potpourri 

I discovered this article while browsing on the Web site of Rutgers University mathematician Doron Zeilberger.  Among his voluminous Web page (we’re talking Doswell-level voluminous), I came across this page.

The article came about when Prof. Zeilberger was asked to give a talk to the Research Experience for Undergraduates program at the Rutgers Math Department.  Prof. Zeilberger continues:

I replied that there is nothing I can possibly talk about that would be of any interest, so she replied: “You are such a good speaker, so that it would be a good talk even if you talked about nothing”. That gave me the idea to indeed talk about my favorite subject: “nothing“, and at the same time fullfil an old dream of mine to give a talk, and write a paper, with the absolutely shortest possible title, containing zero characters. The abstract, however was non-empty.

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