Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Eloquent Science: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Better Writer, Speaker, & Atmospheric Scientist was conceived from a workshop taught over six years to undergraduate students at a summer research experience. The volume is divided into three parts: writing, reviewing, and speaking, and offers tips on poster presentations, media communication, and advice for non-native speakers of English, as well as appendices on proper punctuation usage and meteorological concepts. Sidebars written by experts in the field offer diverse viewpoints on reference topics important to the reader, and a recommended reading section at the end of the book guides the reader to the best additional resources. Although the book is aimed at students and early career scientists, even senior scientists will find useful nuggets inside.


To order, visit:

The American Meteorological Society (preferred) or

The University of Chicago Press

Also available at

E-Book now available through Springer.

Eloquent Science may be freely available through your library. Visit here to find out.


Why you need to read your page proofs carefully… Why you need to read your page proofs carefully…

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Damn the tildes and full speed ahead! Damn the tildes and full speed ahead!

Reader Matt Bunkers raised the issue of the tilde (~) in scientific writing. Some use it for “proportional to”. Others use it for “order of magnitude”. Still others use it for “approximately”. Given the wide variety... [Read more]

Announcing: Publiscize Announcing: Publiscize

Calling All Scientists! From Dr. Robert Seigel: In my “spare” time, I have been working on an exciting project that can revolutionize our science communication. I am starting a new initiative called Publiscize ( and its... [Read more]

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